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: Kostenki [K] sites 14 and 17,East Europe Plain.
: Robert Henvell November 28, 2008, 05:14:50 PM
The Campanian Ignimbrite [CI] volcanic eruption "may" correlate with a sulphur peak at 375 ppb ca 40.012 Ka,which was detected on the Greenland ice cores.40Ar/39Ar measurements date the CI activity to 39.45Ka +/-50a [Giacco,2006].The CI volcanic eruption probably occurred between 40 and 39.4 Ka,which is shortly after the onset of Heinrich event 4 ca 40Ka,cal.
About 1m below the CIY5 tephra at the K17 site numerous burins,large retouched blades,end scrapers,several micro blades,bone awls,bone point fragments,perforated fox canine pendants and belemites were retrieved from layer 2.This Upper Palaeolithic,Spitsynian industry appears to be fully developed [Vishnyatasky,2004].A third molar from layer 2 was assigned to Homo sapiens by Y P Yakimov [J Hoffecker,2008.
K 14 layer IVb ,which is located below the CIY5 tephra,yielded a different lithic compostion,which included bladelets,burins ,end scrapers,several bifaces,antler mattocks,bone points,perforated shells and an incomplete ivory carving [Anikovich,2007].A deeper horizon contained bone mattocks and a lithic assemblage similar to layer IVb [Sinitsyn,2006].
The worn crown of a deciduous Homo Sapiens [?] tooth was recovered from layer IVb [I I Gokhman in J Hoffecker,2008].
A stone tool industry with numerous Dufour bladelets within the CIY5 tephra zone at K14 has some affinities with broadly coeval "proto" Aurignacian inventories in the Mediterranean Region [Ibid].
The above seems to imply that Homo sapiens occupied at least two Kostenki sites prior to 40Ka,cal.Are their any other recent publications that discuss K14 and K17?
Principal reference:J F Hoffecker et a,Journal of Human Evolution 55 [2008] 858-870.

: Re: Kostenki [K] sites 14 and 17,East Europe Plain.
: aggsbach July 21, 2009, 01:37:26 AM

A very interesting discussion about the timing of the EUP-industries and their relation to the CI-tephra can be found here:

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: Re: Kostenki [K] sites 14 and 17,East Europe Plain.
: Robert Henvell July 22, 2009, 03:57:01 PM
Thanks a tonne for the link to the PDF.

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