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: Left Brain, Right Brain, Language origins
: trehinp June 26, 2009, 02:59:05 AM
Subscribing to Scientific American on line, I received today this interesting paper:

Evolutionary Origins of Your Right and Left Brain
The division of labor by the two cerebral hemispheres—once thought to be uniquely human—predates us by half a billion years. Speech, right-handedness, facial recognition and the processing of spatial relations can be traced to brain asymmetries in early vertebrates
By Peter F. MacNeilage, Lesley J. Rogers and Giorgio Vallortigara   
From the July 2009 Scientific American Magazine

Click here for more (

The paper is accessible, as most of the times Scientific American papers. It provides a summary view of the subject matter. Not for specialists of course, but could be useful as general background "scientific varnish"...



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