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Author Topic: Recent Papers On Hominid Ichnology  (Read 1433 times)
Charlie Hatchett
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« on: October 25, 2009, 08:38:11 PM »

The latest two issues of “Ichnos An International
Journal for Plant and Animal Traces” has a series of
papers about various aspects of fossil hominid
footprints. They are:

Ichnos An International Journal for Plant and
Animal Traces, Volume 15 Issue 3 & 4 2008:

Hominid Ichnology: Tracking Our Own Origins:

In the Footprints of Our Ancestors: An Overview
of the Hominid Track Record:

Hominid Ichnotaxonomy: An Exploration of a
Neglected Discipline:

Morphodynamic Perspectives on Convergence between
the Feet and Limbs of Sauropods and Humans: Two
Cases of Hypermorphosis

Footprint Clues in Hominid Evolution and Forensics:
Lessons and Limitations

Pliocene Animal Trackways at Laetoli: Research
and Conservation Potential

The Devil's Trails: Middle Pleistocene Human
Footprints Preserved in a Volcanoclastic
Deposit of Southern Italy

Last Interglacial Hominid and Associated Vertebrate
Fossil Trackways in Coastal Eolianites, South Africa

Preservation and Paleoenvironmental Significance
of a Footprinted Surface on the Sandai Plain, Lake
Bogoria, Kenya Rift Valley

Analysis and Preservation of Pleistocene Human and
Animal Footprints: An Example from Toluquilla,
Valsequillo Basin (Central Mexico)


Ichnos An International Journal for Plant
and Animal Traces, Volume 16 Issue 1 & 2 2009

Preliminary Report on Hominid and Other Vertebrate
Footprints from the Late Quaternary Strata of Jeju
Island, Korea

Human Tracks from Quaternary Tufa Deposits, Cuatro
Cienegas, Coahuila, Mexico

Late Quaternary Palaeoichnological Sites from the
Southern Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires Province,
Argentina: Mammal, Bird and Hominid Evidence

Ephemeral, Subfossil Mammalian, Avian and Hominid
Footprints within Flandrian Sediment Exposures at
Formby Point, Sefton Coast, North West England

A Brief Sketch of the Monte Hermoso Human Footprint
Site, South Coast of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

America's Most Famous Human Footprints: History,
Context and First Description of Mid-Holocene
Tracks from the Shores of Lake Managua, Nicaragua

Holocene Human Footprints in North America

A Survey of Tetrapod Tracksites Preserved in
Pyroclastic Sediments, with Special Reference to
Footprints of Hominids, Other Mammals and Birds

Preservation of Human Tracks in Arid Environments

Rheotactic Macaronichnus, and Human and Cattle
Trackways in Holocene Beachrock, Greece:

Hominid Footprints in Recent Volcanic Ash: New
Interpretations from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Do Shod Humans Leave True Tracks?

Formation and Taphonomy of Human Footprints in
Microbial Mats of Present-Day Tidal-flat
Environments: Implications for the Study of
Fossil Footprints

Paul H., a member of Hall of Ma'at, is credited with assembling these links.

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