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Author Topic: FORUM POLICY  (Read 9045 times)
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« on: July 24, 2002, 12:18:26 PM »

1. The group is now moderated, but we nonetheless advise all new members to send us a short statement about their interests and experience. This is not an elitist or exclusionary tactic - the group has evolved to a high level of discussion, has links to some well-known palaeoanthropologists and frequently offers access to pertinent sites with publications or other resources. New members are encouraged to introduce themselves in their first proper posting if they wish (each user has a profiles section on the group web page that can be used to describe themselves further). We also suggest that members use their real name rather than a pseudonym in the spirit of academic informality.

2. Postings should be aimed at asking informed questions or adding informed content to a discussion already in progress. This means that the Forum is not an alternative to basic Web or library research; it is where to ask a question after you've hit a dead-end elsewhere. It also is a place to add your opinion. In both cases, it is highly recommended that you provide references for those things you already have consulted. The Forum is not a forum for discussing ‘fringe’ theories or creationism (there are numerous mailing lists and message boards dedicated to these topics already).

3. The participants are also asked to exercise restraint. For example, if at some point a discussion devolves to the extent that it is you and one or two others who are taking part, please take the discussion off-forum. Many members have to pay by minute or by message for their participation. Common courtesy requires that you make your message count - posts thanking people for some information, a file, etc. or stating that you agree with someone's statement or not adding to any discussion should be sent off-forum if at all.

4. If there are complaints about one person's postings to the groups (due to their being off topic, overly aggressive, etc.) we reserve the right to warn them, moderate their posts or unsubscribe them depending on circumstances.

5. Individual members can post links and will (eventually) be able to upload files in a module called Gallery. Text files should be uploaded as Portable Document Format (.pdf) rather than, for example, Word (.doc), etc.). Image formats vary greatly so if you are going to upload image files it would be necessary to stick to the standard web formats: .gif (diagrams, maps, charts) and .jpeg/jpg (photographs). Where possible these images should be optimized to minimize download times. assumes no responsibility for material uploaded by members and do not necessarily endorse the material. If there are reasonable complaints then the material can be removed without notice. If there is concern about individuals uploading inappropriate material then we reserve the right to suspend their privileges or unsubscribe them depending on the circumstances.

6. As well as the occasional removal of inappropriate material there will be regular clean ups of the files and links sections removing old files and dead links. This clean up will be announced well in advance so individuals will have a chance to download any material they may need.

These guidelines can be changed at any time (we will attempt to alert people to any major changes) and subscribing to the group means that you accept these guidelines (in their current or future form).

Palanth Administration.
Jacques Cinq-Mars
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« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2006, 10:45:20 AM »

Dear all,

This is to inform you that we are presently in the process of making a few changes to the FORUM POLICY -- this, in order to make it more conformable with the present realities. These changes will be made over the next few days and will be coloured Red in order to facilitate your monitoring. Two minor ones have already been made and can be read HERE.

Palanth Administrator
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