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Author Topic: Announcement  (Read 1783 times)
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« on: January 20, 2005, 10:52:06 AM »

Dear all,

First, we would like to begin this “Recent Additions” notice with our very sincere Best Wishes for the New Year.

Less altruistically, this note is also meant to pass on to the Forum’s (growing number of) members and guests some information that could be of interest. Briefly, we are glad to report, that a recently undertaken analysis of the “statistics” provided by our PALANTH server has been yielding a number of rather surprising “figures”.

For your information, then, here is a quick peek at a few, very selective examples of what it means to be constantly worried about the health and future of the Forum:

*The last six month (complete, i.e., July-December 2004) for which we have detailed daily statistics can be briefly summarized as follows:

- HITS (total for 6 m.): 138 400, for a mean of 23 233/month
- VISITS (total for 6 m.): 65 331, for a mean of 10 888/month

* For the first half of January, the figures read:

- HITS (total): 12 615
- VISITS (total): 1474

* All in all, the July-December 2004 monthly totals have shown a fairly rapid growth, ranging from about 14 000 to about 24 000 HITS.

Considering that nothing has actually been done, over the last 30 months, to “peddle” the Forum around the Web, that the Forum does suffer, in the eyes of some, from a certain lack of user-friendliness (e.g., it is definitely not Yahoo-like in its presentation approach), and that it is a rather tightly run and moderated ship, these (and many other) numbers are, to say the least, not bad at all (!), and can be taken as an indication that the whole exercise has managed to attract some attention. In this regard, we are also proud to note that a fair portion of this steady growth comes from the international community which is represented by well over 30 identifiable countries -- with, likely, quite a few anonymous ones hidden under cloaks such as “(.net)”, “(.org)”, and “unresolved/unknown” –- that make up between 18% and 24% of the monthly traffic.

At the very least, then, it appears that some of the discernable trends suggested by these and many other more detailed figures indicate that the Forum is entering the year 2005 rather positively.

This, however, should not blind us to the fact that the role of the Forum as an efficient means of diffusion of palaeoanthropological information does need to be continuously enhanced, and it is obvious to us that this issue will have to be dealt with, in the near future, by taking a very critical look at some of the most important “systemic” problems we have already identified. But, we will leave it at that for the time being, and, in order to preserve the present level of “optimism”, we’ll address some of these problems, perhaps in the context of a later “announcement”.

Good wishes again,

The PALANTH (Forum) team.

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